When They Took Over: Chapter 10

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When They Took Over: Chapter 10

* Soryy for the long wait Killjoys... I've been very busy with school stuff, so yeah, But here it is. Chapter 10 of my new fanfic. ENJOY!!*

Chapter Ten: A Killjoy in Training

“Okay, Silent Star, let’s see what you got!” shouted Show Pony from several feet away.
“Alright.” said Silent Star. She charged towards him and attempted to have him in a head-lock, but missed and Show Pony had her pinned to the ground.
“Come on. You can do better that!” laughed Pony helping Star up. “Now, you need to hit your opponent in his or her weak spot-Ahh!!” Silent had kicked Pony in the balls. He doubled over, clutching at his crotch in pain. He cussed under his breath.
Silent Star giggled. “Gotcha!” she shouted doing a victory gesture. She helped Pony up and he dusted himself off.
“You sure did. Okay, the next thing you need to know about fighting a Drac is that, even though they are mindless jerks, they can still seriously injure or even kill you. So what you need to master is…” he took a swing at Star, she was caught off guard and was hit in the arm.
“Ouch! What was that for!” she shouted.
“You want to know how to fight, right?”
“Well then this is how you train!” he shouted taking another swing, this time Star dodged it just in time and Pony stumbled forwards. Star took the liberty to lunge forwards and tackle him to the ground, pinning him there.
“You missed.” She said simply.
Pony laughed and tried to get up but he was stuck there until Star got up. They both stood up and Star balled her fists up, ready to punch him back. She swung her fists and in made contact with Show Pony’s side.
“Ow. You pack quite a punch there.” He said rubbing where she had punched him.
They continued to fight each other, Silent Star learning and getting better as time went by. After two hours of training. Star had learnt how to fight with her fists and kick her opponent in the balls. Pony even taught her to twirl her raygun on her finger and replace it in her holster.
“You’re a natural!” said Show Pony. Silent Star wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or being sarcastic. So she just shrugged her shoulders.
All of a sudden two Dracs showed up, they ran towards them. But before they could do any damage, Show Pony had dusted them in a matter of seconds. Star stared in awe.
“Tomorrow is target practise.” He said blowing the smoke off his raygun and replacing git in his holster. “Come; let’s go get something to eat. You can tell Dr. D all about our training session.”
They walked back into the diner, well Silent did, and Pony just rolled himself in. They saw Dr. D at one of the tables fiddling with some kind of device.
“Hey Dr. D. What’s that you got there?” asked Star, walking over to him and looking at the device.
“Oh. Hi there Star. I’m just workin’ on a new invention of mine. It’s called a Vent-a-hack.”
“What does it do?”
“It hacks into any vending machine and gets you whatever you want from it without paying.”
“How was training with Show Pony?”
Star told him about her first training session. Dr. D laughed when she told him she kicked Pony in the balls.
“Good job, Killjoy!” he said joyfully. “I think you’ll do fine in the zones.”
“Thanks!” said Star and she went to go sit in her room and stare at the now star covered sky through her window.

The school day dragged on and on. There wasn’t even a break for recess. So Ray, Gee, Mikey, Frank, Rhonda and Gisele were stuck in school for a whole six hours.
In ‘Better P.E’ Gerard and Gisele were forced to run ten whole laps of the school oval along with the other students. The only funny thing was; that the other students weren’t huffing and puffing by the fourth lap like Gee and Gisele were.
“How can they go on for so long?” huffed Gisele.
“I have no idea.” Puffed Gerard.
All of a sudden the coach came up behind them and blew his whistle.
“Get running! You two have obviously not taken your vitamins. Go to the headmistress’s office now!” he boomed, pointing towards the building.
Gisele and Gerard trudged off to the principal’s office. When they got there, the door swung open.
“Come in.” came the headmistress’s voice. It sounded tired and infuriated at the same time.
They both walked in. “I heard that you both failed to obey your teacher.” (My goodness! How does she know that!?) “And that you have both failed to take your vitamins this morning. I’m going to fix this. You will both right lines at the end of the school day with Professor Bardon. As for your vitamins…” she smiled slightly and got up. She walked to the small cabinet and opened the first drawer, pulling out a small container that had small, insignificant white pills inside it. She then fetched two classes of water and placed them on the desk, in front of Gerard and Gisele.
“You must remember to take your vitamins.” She said. “Take them!” she shouted at them. They exchanged worried looks and looked back at the manipulative ‘vitamins’ that lay before them. The headmistress started to get impatient.
“I said take your vitamins! NOW!!” shouted a very frustrated headmistress. Gerard gulped hard and lent forward to grab the pills and glass of water. He knew they weren’t going to get away with not taking them. He looked at them in his hand then up at the headmistress. She shot him an infuriated look and Gerard hesitantly put them in his mouth and washed them down with water. Gisele did the same. Their faces almost immediately went blank and their eyes stared blankly out the window.
“Good. Now don’t forget to see Professor Bardon to write line after school.” She said dismissing the now controlled Gerard and Gisele from her office.
The rest of the school day dragged on like it did before. None of the six friends saw each other for the rest of the day. At last the final bell’s sound rang in Rhonda’s ears. How happy she was to hear that bell was reflected in how she skipped down the hallway with a huge smile on her face. Until she remembered that she had to do detention with Ray in Professor Bardon’s room. Her smile faded and she walked up to Mikey and Frank, they both had pained looks on their faces.
“Hey guys!” she greeted them. She was about to hug Frank when he flinched away. Not letting her touch his branded shoulder. She looked at him, confused.
“What the matter Frankie?” she said.
Frank shot an anxious look at Mikey, who returned the same look.
“Uhh… I ran into a locker and, uh… hurt my shoulder.” He said exchanging another glace with Mikey.
“Y-yeah. Same.” Said Mikey. Rhonda put her hands on her hips and stared at both of them.
“Okay… You two stay out of trouble while Ray, Gee, Gisele and I are in detention.” She said turning to walk away.
“Okay.” They said in unison.
The rest were already in Professor Bardon’s classroom. They all had a sheet of paper on the desk in front of them and a pen in hand.
“You are late Miss Coulter, please sit next to Mr Way and write ‘I must obey the rules and regulations of the Institute’ 100 times” he said gesturing to the desk next to Gerard who wrote his a blank expression.
She signed and sat down, picking up the pen that was on the desk and started to write.
After almost an hour of non-stop writing, they had all finished with their lines and put their pens down. They all rubbed at their writing hands, they were sore from the lines.
“Now that you have completed you detention, you may all go back home. Do not forget to do your homework. And next time when you’re in class, please follow the rules.” Said Bardon, dismissing them all.
Ray and Rhonda both grabbed their bags and went to run out of the class and noticed that Gerard and Gisele were still there, standing up casually and picking up their bags. Ray and Rhonda looked at each other.
“What’s up with them?” asked Ray. Rhonda walked up to Gerard and Gisele and pulled them out of the class room. Ray looked at Gisele.
“Gisele? Are you okay?” he asked. Gisele just stared off into space. Ray shook her by the shoulders. Rhonda did the same with Gerard. But nothing happened. They both led them outside to find that Frank and Mikey had gone missing.
“They were just here when I was on my way to detention.” Said Rhonda, bemused.
“Oh Mikey and Frank. The things that you get yourselves into.” Said Ray looking up at the flagpole.
There they were; Mikey was hung by his pants on the flag pole while Frank was being lifted and dumped into a bin by burly looking tenth grade boys.
They all ran over to help Mikey and Frank. Rhonda started pulling Mikey down and Ray grabbed Frank by the arm and pulled him out of the bin. Frank yelped in pain as Ray pulled on the arm that had the ‘X’ mark burned into his shoulder. Mikey let out a pained whimper when Rhonda dusted his shirt off.
“What’s the matter Mikes. Did you hurt yourself?” said a concerned Rhonda. Mikey looked up frantically at her
“No. Nothing’s the matter. I’m not hurt.” He said
“Hang on a second.” Said Rhonda looking at both Mikey and Frank. “Didn’t you both say that you both ran into lockers and hurts you’re shoulders?”
“Y-yes…” Frank and Mikey said in unison.
Rhonda pulled back the collar of Mikey’s shirt and saw the ‘X’ branded into his skin. She gasped in horror.
“What is that!?” She almost screamed. “Who did this to you?! Why did they do it?!” she looked at Gerard who didn’t seem to notice the commotion going on and just stared at the sky.
Mikey began explaining what had happened. Ray pulled the collar of Frank’s shirt back and saw the same mark in his shoulder.
“Sick bastard.” He muttered. “Right that’s it. We need a plan to get out, or else we will spend the rest of our lives slaving for them.”
“Agreed.” The rest said in unison.
They all caught a bus back to their dormitory.