Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 30 XD (last part!)

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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 30 XD (last part!)

*Oh my GEE!!! LOL! Wow! Thirty parts! I never thought my fanfic would be so long!! Anyways Killjoys here if the last part of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge!!! ENJOY!!!*

Alex arrived at the cemetary, stumbling. He had lost alot of blood due to the fact that he had beeing stabbed without even noticing.
My reached his and Helena's graves. He plonked down on the ground panting. He was weak.
All of a sudden, Soulitte appeared.
"Have you succeeded?" she asked.
"Yes." panted Alex. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the soul container and gave it to her. Soulitte stared at the horn-shaped object in her hands with a pleased look in her face.
"You have done well Alex. Not only have you brought these two monsters to justice, you have taken your vengence. As I promiced, you will be rewarded." she said softly.
Alex was dizzy. He couldn't hold on much longer. Would he finally join his lover back in heaven or wil he be damned just like his killer was?
He fell back and blacked out...

"Alex... Alex. Come on babe, it's time to wake up. Alex." came the sweetest voice Alex had evr heard. His eyes fluttered oped and he couldn't believe what he saw. He rubed his eyes and looked again.
"Helena? Helena!" he exclaimed full of happiness and relief. Hug sat up and hugged her tightly. I swore to himself that he would never let go of her. Her soft mahogamy curls brushed againd his face, he breathed in her lovely, rosy scent.
There were no words for how he felt. Extatic? Relieved? Happy? Love? A whole mixture of emotions flooded over him.
He was sitting on his bed in his aparment with his one and only true love, Helena.
"I had this weird dream that we were both killed." she said, sounding confused.
Alex looked at her surprised.
"What's the matter Alex?" she asked.
"Uh. Nothing, I had the same dream as well." he said.
"Hmm, must be just a coincidence then. You hungry?"
"That's good because I've just made fried eggs and bacon."
They both got up and went into the kitchen. ALex looke at the calender. It was the 21st of july. Two weeks before they were killed. Had he gone back in time? Was this his reward for bringing justice to their killers? Another chance at life with the people he loved so dearly?
Soulitte's velvet voice echoed inside his head.
"Your reward, Alex Waide. Another chance to live your full life with your loved one..." her voice faded away.
They ate their breakfast and drank their coffee.
"Alex?" said Helena
"Yes, my love?" he answered. He loved it he heard her say his name.
"Do you wanna go out today?"
"Yeah! Where would you like to go?"
"Let's go watch a movie."
They got ready and went to the cinemar.
After the movie they went back to Helena's apartment.
They kissed each other passionately. Goodness, how Alex had missed the feel of her soft lips caress his.

*Four years later*
Things went on as if nothing bad happened. Although, Alex still remembered what had happened, he didn't let it bother him.
He finally got his chance to ask for Helena's hand in marriage. And with her father's blessing they got married. All the people they loved were invited. Renee, James, Heath, Georgia, her mum and Mr and Mrs Miles (Helena's parents).
Life was great for them. Now Alex and Helena were married. And till death do they part. They had three children. Two handsome boys and one gorgeous baby girl. The eldest was four year old Vladimir Tomas Waide, next was two year old Will Xavier Waide and the youngest was little baby Vivian-Marie Waide.
They were all a happy family. Renee and James got married too. They had a four year old daughter named Gisele Rose Coulter.
Alex was siting on the floor with his children as Helena was preparing baby formula for Vivian to drink.
"Alex honey will you help me please?" called Helena from the kitchen.
"Coming!" Alex called back.
He walked into the kitchen to be greeted by Helena's lips kissing his.
When they pulled away they stared into each other's eyes.
"I love you." cooed Alex.
Helena smiled. "Ilove you too." she cooed back. They kissed once more, only this time they were inturupted by Vladimir.
"Eeeewww! What are you doowing?!" yelled little Vlad.
His parents both laughed. So dd Vlad.
From then on, they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

*Well Killjoys that's the end of my first ever fanfic. I have another one in progress. But it'll take a while till its up. Hope you liked my fanfic! Love you!*