Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 23

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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 23

Part 23 Killjoys... This one is the funeral part. So if you get teary easily I suggest you have your tissue box handy on this one... ENJOY!! :D*

Two weeks later...
Writer's P.O.V
AFter the planning and sending out the invitations to evryone close to Alex and Helena, Renee and James were getting ready to say their final goodbyes to their dearest friends.
The mortitians had cleaned and made up the bodies of Helena and Alex, ready for their funeral.
There weren't many people invited only Renee, James, Georgia and her mum, Helena's parents (no relative of Alex's could be contacted) and Heath. They all entered the church, walked up to the two open cascets with Alex and Helena in them and placed flowers by them.
And as they all gathered in the church, the ceremony began...
"We ar egathered here today, to farewell the lovely couple Alex and Helena, and put them to rest. Everybody stand to pray, please." the priest said.
Everybody stood and said the first prayer. Then the priest guestured for everyone to sit again.
"If Renee and James would like to come up and say a few words?" he said.
James took Renee's hand and lead her to the podium at the altar. Renee clear her throat and began her speech.
"First I would like to thank everyone for coming, we appreciate that you could all make it." she stuttered. "Helana was a dear friend of mine, whom I loved as a sister, the sibling I never had. Even though I only knew her for just over a year we were inseperable as sisters. She took me in with warm open arms and helped me in my time of need. She never gave up one what she believed in. She was my rock. Helena, I will never forget you. You will always stay in that special place in my heart... Your spirit will always linger, as we are left to carry on..." she almost started to cry at the end of her speech. She steped down from the pordium.
James started his own speech.
"Alex. I would never forget the day we met. we were both just work mates, then, we were the best of friends. Like brothers, we were. Alex was a funny, loyal and compassionate man. He always loved to be surrounded by his friends and his beloved girlfriend Helena. And dearest Alex, your memory will not be forgotten. You will be remembered..."
Before they went to go sit down again they turned to the cascets, bowed their heads in respect and returned to their seats.
At that moment Georgia stood up and made her way to the podium.
"The one thing that Helena tought me was to follow my passion. She tought me to be creative and to be unique. She made me her apprentice the first day I met her. God bless her soul, she is an angel now, up in heaven, waiting for the rest of us to join her. I didn't know Alex that well. But he was a nice person, we'ed talk everytime I saw Helena. He was a very cool guy. I could see how much they loved each other. At least they are together in heaven now. Free of pain and suffering. Not even death could make them part... Goodbye Helena and Alex. See you in the afterlife..." with that she stepped down and sat by her mother.
Heath was the next person to stand up and make a speech.
"Alex was a great employee. He was a hard worker and had a good sence of homour. We wasn't just a good employee, he was a great friend too. Lest we forget." he sat back down.
The last to make a speech were Helena's parents.
Her father cleard his throat. " My dear duaghter Helena was a good girl, she was always helping people and always looked on the brighter side. Her mother and I will always miss her. And hope that we will one day join her and her boyfriend. Helena always made us proud during her school years and she still continued to make us proud of who she had become; a lovely young woman who was smart and polite and always giving.. Helena my child my you rest in peace and watch over us for the rest of our days. And if you can hear me, please give us a sign." he said. tears comign out of her mother's eyes.
All of a sudden Helena's fatehr started to sweat, his face went slightly red.
The preist saw this. "That's the sign Mr. Miles. She can hear us!"
Mr. Miles's face went back to normal and he stopped sweating. Helena's sign had stopped.
Mrs. Miles was too upset to say anything so she kept close to her husband side. They sat down together.
"And now." the preist started. "For a moment of silence for Alex and Helena." Everbody bowed their heads and closed their eyes. All remembering their lost loved ones.
Then, this extraordinary thing happeded. The spirits of both Alex and Helena arose from their cascets. Helena dancing like a graceful ballerina, dresses in a black and dark red flowing dress, down the isle. She paused as her hand gently hovered over her mother's head. Mrs. Miles shivered a little.
Helena continued her graceful dance down the isle.
Alex's spirit one the other hand, dressed in a black suit andwhite shirt with a dark red tie, was following right behind her. Watching in awe, how graceful she was in her dance. They both truned to one another and joined hands as they waltzed around the church to no music at all. Both beautiful in their dance, untill finally when the moment of silence was finished they returened to their cascets.
Everyone lifted theri heads up...

After everyone lft the church, they all drove to the cemetary to bury them.
As everyone said their last good byes to the couple, Mr. Miles and James lowered their coffins one by one into their graves...
Things are better if you stay,
So long and goodnight. So long not goodnight.
And if we carry on this way, things are better if you stay
So long and goodnight. So long not goodnight... Helena and Alex...

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