Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 19

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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge part 19

*Part 19 Killjoys! The next part will be my twentieth part. YAY! Haha! I'm finally up to the good bit. So here it is Killjoys.ENJOY!!*

Writers P.O.V
It has been a year since Renee had won her case and her nightmare stopped and had been forgotten. She had a new loving boyfriend, his name, James. Yes, that’s right James, Alex’s workmate, is dating Renee. Georgia, Helena’s apprentice had successfully created her own clothing and is now making clothes by herself. Helena and Alex are as happy as ever. Alex planned to pop ‘the question’ on Helena anytime soon. All was well, but little did they know that Renee’s nightmare would come back to haunt them...

*One year later*
Helena’s P.O.V
“Mmm...” I said to myself as I sipped my hot coffee on a Friday morning. Renee and James had planned to go out after work. ‘They were so cute together, I was happy that Renee had found someone new. He loved her and she loved him, that is how love goes, isn’t that right?’ I thought to myself. Alex and I had planned to go and have a picnic lunch at the park tomorrow. It would be nice to have some peace and quiet with the man I loved. My phone rang.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Hey babe. It’s me.” Said Alex on the other side.
“Oh, hey baby! What’s up?”
“Nothing much. Just thought I’d ring. How are you?”
“I’m good. Just having a coffee. I’ve got to go to work at 1:00.” I said.
“What about you?”
“I’m off today.”
“Lucky you!”
“Haha! Thanks.” He said.
We were on the phone for hours just talking about stuff. When it was 12:30 I was still on the phone with him while getting ready for work. It was only when I arrived at work I had to say good bye to him.
“Ok babe. It was nice to hear your voice again, but I’ve got to work.” I said.
“Ok then. See you tomorrow, 12:45 sharp. Bye. Love you!” he said.
“Haha! See you then. Mwa! I love you!” I made a kissing noise as I said bye to him and hung up.
I worked until I finished my shift with Renee...

Renee’s P.O.V
I work up and got out of bed. Gee did I party last night. James and I were partying almost all night at the club. But it was the most fun I’ve had in my life! James was a really nice person I loved him. He loved me the way I was. No violence no abuse of any kind. I was glad that he wasn’t like that.
I heard Helena wake up too. She walked out and greeted me. After we had breakfast she started getting ready for something. Where was she going? Out with Alex perhaps?
“Why are you rushing about Helena?” I asked her.
“Oh! I’m going to the park with Alex. We’re gonna have a little picnic.” She said. Hmm, that seems nice. Well, I hope they have fun. That’s when it hit me. The dream! I haven’t had it ever since I won the case. No! It won’t happen. It’s just a dream. But it still worried me.
“Ok. Just be careful...” I trailed off on the last bit.
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”
“Ok. It’s just that I remembered the dream. “
“Renee.” She said grabbing my shoulders. “It was just a dream. Ok? There is nothing to worry about.”
I let it go. “Ok. Thanks Helena.”
She smiled at me. “Well I’m ready. How do I look?”
She was wearing an ivory dress that had a lacy patter on it. “Very cute!” I replied.
“Thanks! See you later Renee.” She said as she made her way to the door.
“Bye.” She left...

Alex’s P.O.V
We picked Helena up and we drove with our picnic basket full of delicious food to the park. It was a quiet place. We set out our picnic and ate and talked.
It was a lot of fun. We laughed as we told jokes and talked about random things. We finished eating and it was about 4:00. Wow, we’ve been out for a long time. Doesn’t matter, we’re having fun!
All of a sudden it was quiet. We were both staring into each other’s eyes. Her dark brown eyes seemed to sparkle. I leaned in to kiss her rosy lips.
That’s when it happened...

*DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!! Lol! Stay tuned Killjoys... XD*