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still here

hey everyone!! i dont even have an excuse why i haven't been posting, im so sorry :/ ive just not felt like it really...

how is everyone? I'm dreading going back to school on .wednesday, i hate it so much there :( but it's only one more year then i can leave forever ^.^ I got a girlfriend last night which is super good, but i don't know how to tell my parents. My brother keeps calling me gay for having short hair anyway, so i think they kinda know.. oh well she is super cute and i really like her !!!

Has anyone seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? I've seen it three times already and i have the soundtrack, i'm obsessed, best marvel film so far (though all marvel films are amazing) x.0

I really like mindless self indulgence at the moment too, especially the album if :) i'd like to go and see them but they're on hiatus again i think :/

either way, im sorry for not posting, im a bad person and you can all hit me with stuff if you want. but im still alive, i think im doing okay, things are on the up for me, and im still here to talk with anyone who needs me or just wants a friend etc. have a good day/night and all that jazz, and stay strong, keep smiling, and remember, although things can always get worse, they can get better too xoxoxo