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sorry for not posting yall can shoot me

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XxstraightjacketxX's picture
on July 6, 2014 - 6:03pm

so yeah, i'm still alive i guess

my hair looks crappy and too long and brown again, but i hope to dye it pink and blue and cut it like it used to be again

i feel a bit shit with everything going on with my life right now :/
not because its bad exactly, just everything has all the ideas and means to complete it but nothing is being done, all my projects lie abandoned (I will get round to the ones for you, Z, i promise xoxo)

i want to read but i can't do it. i just start crying when i read harry potter, and i can't bring myself to finish the book

i went to see tfios a while ago, and it was meant to be as friends but it turned into a kind of date, so now i can't read it without thinking about how shitty that was and how i now feel unomfortable talking to those people

i miss you guys

i just want to cry all the time

hurry up summer im dying for you to arrive. you're two weeks away and im living on a shred of hope that things will get better in time

so how is everyone?

i started watchin the shaytards recently and theyre really cool you should go chek them out on youtube

i want to be pretty enough to not wear makeup and be able to be happy with myself without getting attacked with "you look ill" comments

fuck i need some chocolate and a hug right now

its 1am and i need a shower because its too hot but i will wake everyone up and there isnt time for one in the morning. im going to have to wait until tomorrow afternoon *cries*

i know nobody really ares about my ranting about life anymore, but it really helps me. i hope i can help you too. i'm sorry if i take forever to reply to stuff, i'm a shitty person and you can all stab me until i look like mrs labianca with 47 stab wounds because you all turned into a serial killing cult run by charles manson or something

im tired okay, im sorry if my serial killer rants upset anybody.

why am i such a shit person when i feel like im just telling you all depressing shit going on in my head rn which is there for no reason.

i havent done the thing that must not be names on ma jambe or les bras so that's good i guess

england did shit in the football i think. i dont watch it but everyone was upset

i'm excited about new fob music soon (this year accordin to tumblr)

the bob thing on twitter makes me really sad. it better be a joke it made me cry

i like the new music from gee and frankie and mikey and ray after the split. it makes me happy

my phone delete half my music off of it which sucks but i still have a few tracks to survive off of for a few days

i think that's my life up to date now x.0