people thought i was joking....

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people thought i was joking....

yes, the spork club has started.... IT'S ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe my ovely mcr hoodie just chillin, and yes, that's my face not a mask. it's half the reason I need to be locked up (you've probably worked out the other resons ;x )

The rules of spork club:
1. Tell EVERYONE about spork club
2. Comment or blog about spork club, and together we can take down the forks before it's too late!!!!
3. don't use a fork will be hunted down and stabbed with a spork (that's a joke btw)
4. appreciate the spork, it needs love :)

so there we are!! join spork club!!!!!! (ps i'm crazy I don't need telling x.0 )

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