My new Fanfiction!!

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My new Fanfiction!!

Don't worry I've not abandoned my old one but I just thought I'd tell you guys about it :) It's a series of short stories about mcr, and I will post the first one on here :) I can't post them all because it's co-authored so I can only post mine. and be warned, they're kinda crazy!! x.0 okay here's the first one:

"time for tea time for tea time for tea time for tea time for tea" chanted Kindle, over and over again.

"will you shut up I can't eat my cupcakes in peace with you here whispering that down my ear!! and anyways, isn't it coffee, you hate tea!!" came Ray's reply to her insanity.

Bob just sat there laughing his head off at all this, until another person decided to join the trio. "Who the hell are you, and why are you drinking all the coffee??" he said, obviously panicked.

"She's my pet unicorn, Dead Elf, and SHE IS NOT DRINKING COFFE THAT'S MAGIC FORMULA TO MAKE YOU SING GOOD LIKE GERARD WAY!!" Came the voice of insanity again.

"Erm, I'm not your unicorn, Kindle, she went to grandmas for tea" said the mysterious visitor. she looked around the room at the trio she infiltrated their asylum. There was Ray and Bob, her neighbours from across the road, and Kindle from next door, who was mad as a hatter. this was proven when she noticed that there was a ring of salt around the golden syrup cake.

"To keep witches off of my precious" was the answer to that. The mysterious guest decided that she would join in the tea party with no tea, and she must have been at least slightly mad to be there with Kindle and the guys, coz they all started screaming when Kindle's mad girlfriend Noodle walked in from casualty, having got her head stuck on a giant nutella jar again. Anyways it was time for mysterious guest to introduce herself to the group, seen as though they all had no memory.

"Seen as though you've all forgotten me, I'm Frank Iero, Bobert and Ray's sister, who just got back from having her gender reassigned."

So what do you guys think?? It's entirely fictional, so yeah... it's here if you wanna read more though x.0

Thanks guys,

Kindle xoxo