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i need a hug

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XxstraightjacketxX's picture
on June 15, 2014 - 1:30pm

i really need a hug right now i feel so broken and alone and although my crush says he likes me he never talks to me first it's always me talking to him, and even then he only sometimes replies and i just hate it and i want him to either tell me he likes me or just say he doesn't because i can't stay not knowing and also i hate it that i really like him and i will just stay hung up on him until he tells me he doesn't like me outright because im not used to people liking me and idk i don't know how i feel about anything anymore and exams and stuff and i just want to go home. i am at home, but i don't feel like i'm at home. o feel so detached from everything. i want to go HOME home whatever that even means. i just need a hug...