The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 7 :)

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The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 7 :)

Chapter 7

Straight Jacket’s P.O.V.

As soon as the guys left I put my pyjamas on; it had been a long day so I was allowed, even if it is only seven in the evening. I then went down the corridor into the main part of the diner, where I saw a very annoyed Kobra Kid with a red face whisper-shouting at Ghoul, who was trying his best not to laugh. He stopped though as soon as he saw me watching, and went as red as Poison’s hair.
“Erm….well….StraightwillyougooutwithmeIreallylikeyou” Kobra gushed. I was so happy he actually asked me out!! Not that we can go anywhere, but that’s not the point. So of course, I said yes, and then I went to sit next to him in the booth. The others all went “awww” apart from Ghoul, who was making gagging noises to annoy us. I ended up on his knee because Plastic Nightmare and Dead Pilot (A/N: Plastic is Pete, and Pilot is Patrick, just thought I’d make that clear) decided to join us, along with Stringent Death and Cry Baby. We chatted for a bit, then Electric and Dagger Joined in our congregation along with Femme Fatale, Transmission Hydrogen and Waterfall Bomb. Tangent stayed in her room all night talking with toxic, and she only came down to get food for them both. I guess what I’d told her earlier today was a lot to take in.
After about an hour of talking we stomached our own Power Pup and then settled down to watch Jaws, which was one of the many movies we found in a store cupboard when we found our rooms were actually part of a cheap motel, which is a huge stroke of luck. I’m a huge wuss though, so I spent most of the killing bits with my head buried in Kobra’s shirt. He smelled of popcorn and stale cigarettes. By the end of the movie, it became obvious that we weren’t the only couples in the room. Jet and Bomb looked pretty cozy, as did Femme and Poison. Even Ghoul looked like he might have a crush on Hydrogen! I hope they get together, they would make a cute couple.
After another movie (Public enemies) I went to check on my siblings, and found them sleeping top to tail in Tangent’s bed, which made me smile; they didn’t quite fit. Then I went back to my room to brush my teeth, before going over to Kobra’s room. He smiled when I walked in, and then we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Soooooo sorry guys it's late, I had to go out for my dad and brother's birthdays yesterday *sighs* and again, I am sooooooo sorry it's just a filler I'm running out of action stuff I'm relying on ieroween and xmas now!! x.0

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