The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 5 :)

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The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 5 :)

Chapter 5

Toxic’s P.O.V.

Oh my god thank god she remembered me!! I stop crying a second to look at her, and who she’s with. My other little sister is here too, but she doesn’t look like she’s ever seen me before… What the fuck have they done to her?
“Oh my god Bellatrix you came for me!! And Lilly!! You might not remember who I am by the look on your face Lilly, but I’m your little brother toxic. You ran into the desert after a strange boy with bright clothes and red hair when you were eight. Trixa was only two, so I don’t know if she remembers you, but I do, I was twelve at the time. I tried looking for you, but every time I even said your name, mama would start crying so I stopped after a while. I tried to forget about you, convinced that you had died that day, that the weird boy with the gun had shot you within seconds of him seeing you, but it didn’t work. You were in my mind all the time, and in my dreams at night. And now you’ve all come back to me. I’m so sorry I can’t be around long, but I’m so glad I saw you one last time both of you, you mean so much to m…….”

Tangent Star's P.O.V.

Then straight Jacket screamed and fainted. I got really scared and ran to my older brother, hugging him in my arms and crying horrible loud sobs that echoed through the whole diner as Party tried to get me off of him so Ghoul and Kobra could get to him to find out why he just collapsed. I’m pretty small, so his goal was easily achieved. After a minute or two of shouting and screaming and trying to wake straight up, I heard a sigh of relief, as Ghoul did something to Toxic. I then realised that he had stopped the bleeding from the gaping hole in Toxic’s shoulder. It looked fresh, and really sore.
“It’s a raygun that’s done it, and one of more power than the one he’s holding, that’s a very primitive gun. It’s a wonder he’s still alive. Find him a bed, and then he can rest up for a few days, while I go find out if there are any painkillers in this place.”
I looked over at my now sleeping brother, still crying, but with tears of happiness. He survived, and he found us. He escaped Korse, and wasn’t changed at all. But then I remembered that Dad was with him. “Dad, Dad,Dad,Dad….” I chanted over and over, until I felt Straight lift me up gently and bring me to what she had claimed as her room. I stopped then, when I saw the tears and the horror in her eyes, and realised she remembered him, and remembered the what I think must have been the terrible life she had before she ran off after the boy, who I think might have been Party Poison. Then she spoke.
Trixa, I have a lot of explaining to do.”

So whaddaya think guys?? plot twist extreme!! P.S. What do you think of my Halloween face?? I'm going as a vampire killjoy, and I'll show you my full outfit nearer to the night. ta ta guys!!

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