The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 11 :)

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The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 11 :)

Two months later….


I realised it was me screaming this. We had just finished with a group of dracs in bat city, and this cannot be happening right now. I watch as her lifeless body slowly falls to the floor, a look of pain on her face, and then peace. I then feel her calling my name again and again. I then realise that I need to wake up. My eyes jolt awake, and I just hug Straight Jacket.

“I thought you were dead, in my dream you got shot and…and…” I broke down in tears at the thought of the nightmare.

“No no no no, that wasn’t me, that wasn’t me….It was Waterfall bomb, remember? We buried her last week. I miss her too, you know, but it wasn’t me, I’m still here for you, always.”

Why did Korse do that? I wondered. After the boys and femme pulled off the prank of a lifetime, why did Korse bring the others back into our lives? We thought they didn’t exist… then BAM they do. It is really confusing, I will ask Poison to talk to Dr. Death about it, because he’s the most likely person know what Korse is playing at.

About an hour later we go downstairs for coffee and a bit of sustenance. After so long I refuse to even call it food. The others all look disgusted at our meals too. I feel especially sorry for Ghoul and Straight. They were vegetarians until all this started, and now they have to eat Power Pup like the rest of us because all the other food ran out.

I’m just so sick of this lifestyle, I really want it to end and everything to go back to normal, but it won’t. It never will. It can’t. I think that’s what hurts the most about this whole thing. It’s not the fighting, or the food, or the no hot water, or being nomads. It’s the fact that your life will never be the same, and that there is nothing really out there to look forward to. We might overthrow Korse, but there will always be another boss, or another company waiting in the wings to take over. That’s the worst part. It will never end, and we will die exactly as we are today. We might even die today. We’ve just lost so many people that I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m hopeless. I have nothing left to live for.

So there we are guys! sorry it's so short and a bit confusing, but I have the ideas for the next part of the story, I just don't know how to write it out. It might be next Saturday by the time I update next, because I have a French GCSE exam, and part of my English too. So long and goodnight killjoys,

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