The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 10 :) sorry it took so long!!

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The Fabulous Famous Killjoys Chapter 10 :) sorry it took so long!!

Chapter 10

Waterfall Bomb’s P.O.V.

Not long now… I hate having to wear all this extra shit to hide my appearance; it just doesn’t feel right! But it will soon be over, and we can give them all the strangest but hopefully memorable night of their lives….

Dead Pilot’s P.O.V.

“Urgh, I hate it I HATE IT!!!! Please can I not wear it for one - ” I was cut off by an annoyed looking Transmission Hydrogen.

“You can’t, what if they find us out?? All our efforts for them not to notice us will be in ruins! Keep in character, and then it will all work out okay.”

“Fine,” I muttered back, trying to keep the frustration out of my voice “but tonight, we do it. Halloween came and went, and if they were expecting anything, it would have been then. Today is our best bet, and also they won’t get too suspicious. We’ve been keeping quiet for a while now, they’ll be wary if we’re quiet too long. I mean, we haven’t spoken in like what, a week? Two?? It’s ridiculous. I’m going for it”

“That’s the plan anyways, dumbass!! You sure you’ve got your head screwed on tight?”

“Shut up, or I’ll bite you!” came a distant reply to Hydrogen. I think it was Femme who said it. Trust her to still be able to sass under all this pressure, she always was a fighter!!

~Time Lapse ~

Femme Fatale’s P.O.V.

I’m gonna show them. We may be sassing the rest of our group, but I’m gonna sass the whole lot of them!! I just hope they take it okay, I don’t wanna end up dead…

Fun Ghoul’s P.O.V.

Wow. I was not expecting that. Halloween, we’re all together, I was my birthday, and not ONE practical joke off of the group!! I’m just hoping that they don’t think they’re too grown up for jokes, coz I need them too keep going out here. It gets really boring, and I was waiting for a joke all day!

Finally, after about a week and a half of only seeing them at mealtimes, the other killjoys came in, not originally part of our group. I get a few happy birthdays for yesterdays, which is kinda strange as I never told them. One of them might have been fans of the band when we were still going, so might know from there. Yeah. That’ll be it. But then as they go to the coffee machine, I hear screaming coming from under the counter, which couldn’t be anyone but Tangent Star.

I whip round to see the whole group watch in horror and astonishment as three of the Killjoys living with us, Waterfall Bomb, Transmission Hydrogen, and Toxic rip their “faces” off to reveal Plastic Nightmare, Dead Pilot, and Electric scream. They look around at our faces expectantly, basking in our shocked expressions, and relishing the effect of their biggest prank yet. They earn a round of applause, followed by quite a few shouts of “you motherfuckers!” and to Tangent and Straight “you knew??” but hen after the kerfuffle was cleared up, somebody noticed that Femme Fatale was left, and also that Searing Dagger was missing. I was laughing still from the epicness of the prank, but pointed this out to the rest of the group, who hadn’t noticed either. Apparently this wasn’t part of the prank, and Femme was meant to become Dagger, but I don’t think he was under there. The existing members of F.O.B. (I still don’t know how they didn’t break up through all this) started to interrogate Femme, while she just sat quietly with a sad smile on her face. They tried to pull off her hair, to prove that she was just messing them around, but apparently it was real, as there was a cry of pain and then 3 killjoys on the floor. But then I noticed another Femme in the corner, and got really freaked out. I think I must have fainted, because I don’t remember anything that happens next…

Femme Fatale’s P.O.V.

This has worked out perfectly, even down to Ghoul fainting to allow the real Dagger to sneak in through the side door. We stood next to each other, and then burst out laughing. “I can’t believe it worked!” I gasped through the giggles that I couldn’t stop now they’d started. My twin was stood there taking his fake face off, also laughing his head off. “Guys I thought you knew I had a twin sister?? No? Okay then, but I do!! That’s who I based my mask off of, so we could sass you ALL, including those three people stood there like they own the sass world. But I’m sorry guys, you just had your sassing rights revoked by this one!!”

Plastic Nightmare’s P.O.V.

OH. MY. GOD!!!!! I did NOT see that one coming!! Now dagger is still going on about how he and Femme totally sassed our asses two hours ago, which, as much as I hate to admit it, is true. Damn, how did I not know he had a sister, and she was his twin to boot!! Never mind, I’ll get them back, big style… I make my way down the hallway to mine and Pete’s room, my last thoughts being about how this will screw up people’s relationships before sleep overtakes me.

So what do you think of the sassmasters of all time?? tell me what you think!! x.0 also I'm sorry I just took a few of you out of the story, but it was kinda necessary :(

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