Bonus chapter: the fabulous famous killjoys chapter 3

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Bonus chapter: the fabulous famous killjoys chapter 3

yeah, this is really short, and a filler chapter, so i'm posting it now, and a longer one on Wednesday which i'm writing now. enjoy my little rebels :)

Chapter 3

Johnny’s P.O.V.

The early morning sun shone brightly over the dusty Californian desert. The only blip on the baron, desolate landscape is a small hut, more like a shack, and a beaten up trans am with a spider painted onto the bonnet.
“So, what are we gonna do with them??” I heard from the other room in this hideout thing we were in. I think it was Gerard. The others keep calling him Part Poison, it must be some kinda codename. I really should have watched ‘KERRANG!’ more. The other way, Mikey, I think it was, spoke up. “Party, we have to let them go, it’s fucking Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp for god’s sake! Marilyn will have known about the killjoys for ages, and Johnny is his best mate from what I can remember. They won’t give us away, they’re wanted almost as much as us!”
I felt a small sense of relief at those words. At least someone trusts us. They should anyway, we came here with FOB and they are best mates with the fabulous killjoys. Maybe they’ll accept us if we tell them about Green Day. They’ll want any news they can get of anybody, and it’s only been a few days since we saw Billie-Joe. Just before we saw Pete, I mean Electric Scream, come barrelling out of the dust towards us with a laser gun pointed at us.
“Okay then, we’ll let them stay for now.” I heard after another ten minutes of hushed whispering from the other room. My heart leapt, and soon enough the whole lot of them come sauntering into the store room we’re in and tell us the news. Marilyn looks relieved, he’s done loads more live shows than me, so his hearing isn’t the best. We all go into the main room for coffee after the new situation has been explained. I mull it over in my mind, and it doesn’t sound that bad. We can stay for now, but we have to do our fair share of chores and routine smash and grabs for food etc…… we did that anyways in the short time we stayed with another killjoy who recognised us from the TV in the old days. They got ghosted in a fire fight though, weeks after we arrived. This is a hard life we live, yet we’re not the corrupted ones. Where’s that bitch karma when you need her??