another blog (is this like the 3rd or something??)

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another blog (is this like the 3rd or something??)

hey, I was wondering if anybody who wants to be in my story could tell me male or female (I don't wanna offend anyone, what colour they are, and yeah, a nice reminder of their names would be nice too, I've got a bad memory, so it's handy to have them in 1 place to refer back to. could you please set it out like mine then I can document it, and I won't forget :) (you don't have to if you don't want to I'm just being cheeky sorry)

Killjoy name: Straight Jacket
Male or Female: Female
Age in the story: 18
Colour: blood red
Background: fake mental patient, not saying any more!!!!
Outfit: Black skinnies, black misfits shirt, blood red mcr hoodie (I can dream okay!!)

thanks soooooo much!!!!!!!

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