Temporary fanfic part 7

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Temporary fanfic part 7

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We bolted for the dusty hospital doors as fast as our legs would carry us, adrenaline pulsing silver through our veins. It knocked the breath out of me as I hit them, both hands on the handle. I pulled on it, panting but it wouldn’t move. The growl grew louder.
“Is there a window open?” I asked frantically, but I doubted that would be the case.
“Over there,” Frank pointed to a dirty white and orange window frame, a black slit where the glass should have been.
“But it’s too high!” I shrieked, jumping for it.
“You go first; I can take care of myself. You’ll get up, and if you get up in time, you can pull me up.” Frank said hurriedly. The growl grew louder again and I felt like a sitting duck. There wasn’t really time to argue as I saw the dark silhouettes prowling in the shadows. Frank had already gotten in position; I had no choice. I felt a tear crawl down my cheek as I stepped up on Frank’s back.
Why me? I questioned whoever was running this place. Why do I get to survive?
It wasn’t until I had hoisted myself up on the under part of my arms did I realize there was broken glass in the frame, but by then it had already stabbed itself through. At first, my mouth hung open, no airflow at all as I lifted them off the serrated window frame. A second later I heard a scream. I knew it was mine but I couldn’t feel it on my lips as I landed on my feet again.
The clones already had a hold of Frank, who was kicking and struggling the whole time; giving quite the fight, but it didn’t seem to phase them as they dragged him by the upper arms back to wherever it was they came from.
“Amber, run!” He screamed at me “Keep-” He tried to say something else but a clone swiftly covered his mouth with its hand. I ignored the screeching pain in my arms, which were probably sliced to ribbons. Paralysed in shock where I stood, I didn’t know what to do as I watched them drag Frank away. The clones stabbed something into his arm; I sobbed quietly as he stopped struggling and went limp like cooked spaghetti.
I sank into the cold, hard asphalt, clamping both hands over my mouth. What were they going to do with Frank? Probably make him one of them. That thought alone made me pick myself up again and punch my arm with the needle, watching the clear liquid drain out of the syringe. I wasn’t about to lose one of my best friends to whatever they were.

I slammed the car door and stormed into the house with the medical bags, bloody mess that I was.
“Amber, what the hell happened?” Gerard ran over to me and picked up my arm. I shook him off, fuming.
“I’m fine. I’m going to patch myself back up. They took Frank, that’s what happened. This place is probably teeming with clones.”
Everyone’s jaw was practically on the floor, but I had worked myself up too much to be shocked anymore.
“Sarah, where’s the bathroom?” I knelt down to where our new friend sat on the chair and looked her in those huge eyes. She probably didn’t know what to think.
Up…stairs, end of the hallway.” She hesitated. Poor thing.
Something clicked in my mind as the last piece of glass clinked against the white porcelain sink; and suddenly I had a lot of questions for Sarah.

Frank’s Point of View
I woke to the sound of my phone ringing from across the room. I wanted to answer it, but I was tied down. Where was I? I looked around, it was a small room, empty looking, on the depressing side. Not only were the rain-cloud-grey cement walls lacking wallpaper of any sort, but they were also lacking windows, except for the ones that were drawn on – and very poorly I might add, in ballpoint pen. One metal table where my phone sat, BZZZT! BZZZT!
Stop ringing, I silently ordered the gadget as I struggled against the rope that tied me to the chair. A door opened behind me and I heard one of those robotic voices.
“I knew keeping the phone lines running would be worth it,” It hissed. “Now we’ll be able to track down the cubby holes where all your little friends are hiding.”
The clone came to face me and snaked a cold, bony finger along my cheek. I glared at it, waiting for its finger to get too close to my mouth.
“Gosh Frank, after surviving this long, you should know not to carry a running contact device with you. I mean, didn’t it seem too good to be true? Just conveniently finding batteries that haven’t expired in the street? You didn’t wonder who was running the lines?” It had a mocking tone, making me feel that much more livid as I snapped my neck to the right, almost catching its finger in my teeth.
“Keep your grimy fingers off my friends,” I thundered. The clone just laughed, it was the coldest, most sickening laugh I’d ever heard.
“I suppose you’re going to stop us? Never mind, you’ll think the way we do soon enough. Unless you’ve got a death wish.” It stood and motioned to someone behind me.
“I’ll never be a monster like you,” I said as I flashed back to the last thing I saw before the injection put me out, Amber standing dead still, the echo of what I had yelled at her ringing in the air. The slam of the door as the clone left snapped me back to reality.

Amber’s Point of View
I patted the white sleeve on my arm, making sure it wouldn’t move. It was held together with medical tape and safety pins. I sighed; it was going to be quite the chore to take care of.
Hurrying downstairs, my mind flew. Everyone was seated around the living room table and I was immediately the center of attention with six pairs of eyes on me. I looked at the biggest pair,
“Sarah, can I ask you some questions?” I managed the warmest tone I’d had in a long time. A curious expression crossed her face.
“I…I guess so,” She hopped down from her chair.
I sat on the stairs and looked at the five remaining on the chairs and couch, each with their own expression as they tried to figure out what I was up to.
“Sarah, can you tell me what your parents looked like?” I started, playing my words carefully.
“They looked a lot like each other. A lot like me. Black hair, really white skin. Oh and their eyes were grey.” I smiled at Sarah’s reply, because it proved me right.
“Do you know where they worked?” I pushed further, thinking of Frank.
“Well, they worked in town somewhere, but they quit. They wouldn’t tell me why though. So we lived here in secret, the whole neighbourhood was our playground.” She said, creasing her forehead in thought.
“That’s a pretty big playground,” I smiled at her, hoping it was close to genuine enough for a child. “So, Sarah. Did they ever take you with them? When they worked?”
She nodded her head and excitement grew in my mind.
“Can you show us? We’re curious.” My eyes shifted to Gerard for just long enough to see a smirk grow on his face. He knew. Sarah nodded her head again and I stood with a triumphant glisten in my eyes.
“Stockpile the weapons, we’re going to get him back,” I shouted and turned to the shrunken clone again. “Sarah, why don’t you go take a nap?”
From what I understood, Sarah had started life as a twisted clone experiment, until the “participants” came to feel something for her, for themselves and quit whatever incorporation this was. They were good hiders, but the clones must have found them again. I could only imagine what the punishment was for defying their “code”.

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