Temporary fanfic part 11

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Temporary fanfic part 11

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My hand covered my mouth as I picked myself up and staggered out of the building, tripping over my own feet.
“Amber, what’s wrong? What happened?” Ray jumped up from where he sat on a giant piece of corroded sheet metal when he saw me, followed by Mikey.
“She killed her,” My voice was high and pitchy. “Sarah killed Chantel!”
Ray pulled me into his arms as I felt tremors run through me with every hysterical whimper. “I had to kill Sarah, Ray! I killed a child!” I wailed, burying my face deep in his shoulder. I couldn’t stand looking at anyone; I felt like a monster.

“Amber, it’s not a child if it killed someone. It’s a clone. You’re not a horrible person; think of all the times you’ve saved our lives, the times we’ve saved yours. Would we do that for you if we thought you weren’t worth it?” Mikey asked, rubbing my back. I couldn’t speak through my hyperventilation; I knew he was right, but I still felt like he was trying to excuse the inexcusable.
I had calmed down enough to talk - and make sense again after a while. Were the boys ever glad to see it too; they didn’t know what to do or where to start. Poor Ray, his jacket was probably soaked.
“We should get going,” I sniffled, rubbing my eyes. “Gerard and Peace are probably in by now.”

We walked up the street Sarah said we were supposed to, not even knowing if that was the right one. I hoped to god it was. It came to a dead end after a while, in front of a huge white building. It was the best maintained, yet the most depressing compilation of glass and concrete I’d seen in a long time. I saw a little black cylinder fastened to the cement, and realized it was a camera. They’d killed pretty much everyone, what the hell did they need a camera for?
“Get out of the way!” I whispered, pointing at it. Quickly, we ran to the side of another house, peeking around the corner.
“Ready?” I asked in my clone voice. Mikey stared at me for a second, telling me my impression was good. He nodded and spun me around by the shoulders, wrapping an arm around my neck to create a hostile posture.

Mikey half dragged me into the clone base with his phasor pointed to my head, set to stun-mode in case we actually had to use it. Ray was close behind. He was a good hostage.
“Where is he?” Ray shouted with his revolver pointed to the crowd of people, instantly drawing all grey eyes to us. This was a cafeteria, and the clones had their mouths stuffed with food like a bunch of chipmunks. They were on their lunch hour, unarmed.

I was careful to struggle and scream dramatically, making it really look like I was scared for my life.
“You took someone from us, and we’re getting him back or it dies.” Mikey yelled, his voice booming through the quiet room as he shoved the ray gun to my temple.
“Take him; he was of no use to us.” A mechanical voice came from the small, narrow hallway. “He was nothing but a stubborn mule, and it will cost him dearly.” Was it one of us? I couldn’t tell as it stepped out into view. Did they think we weren’t serious? Ray shot at a clone reaching for something and it fell to the floor, its head immediately surrounded by a red puddle.
I glared at him coldly; we agreed not to kill anyone because it could have been Peace or Gerard and because the sight of blood virtually paralysed me. The other clones that sat at the table all went still and even quieter than what they already were.

I watched the clone slide a huge metal door open and walk in. It came out, throwing something over its shoulder like a bag of potatoes. As it drew closer, I could see it was carrying a human being.
That can’t be… I thought as I looked at the limp figure hunched over the clone’s shoulder. But it was clear; as it came close to us that it was Frank. The clone threw him off of its shoulder, making a thud as he hit the floor.
No, Frank no! My heart dropped and I wanted to scream, but I caught myself before I blew our cover.
“We’re taking this one,” Mikey said, dragging me backwards towards the doors. “If any one of you follows us, it dies. We’ll let it go…eventually” I coughed and sputtered as he tightened his grip on my neck. He let me go as soon as we were out of the exterior camera’s view and I ripped the clone uniform as we got further away from the base, carrying it with me to throw them off.
Gerard and Peace were still in the clone base; looking for a strong portable electricity source. The clones must have had one, all those lights and running office areas.
Ray was carrying Frank by the shoulder blade line; his lips were chapped and dry. His skin was feverish to the touch.

Mikey was with me as I hurried back to the hospital. I pointed at the doors frank and I had tried to get in before he was kidnapped,
“Shoot... ” I said, pointing to the set of doors Frank and I had tried to get in before.
Mikey fired his phasor at the glass doors and they instantly splintered into a million tiny pieces.
I stepped inside; immediately making a mental list of the equipment I needed.
Oxygen mask, medical tubing, a water tank, an IV and if I was lucky to find any keys, a bag of nutrient serum.

Mikey followed not far behind me while I rampaged through the different floors of the huge building. Occasionally we’d see signs to tell us what ward we would be in if it was still a running hospital; or large amounts of padded metal-framed chairs if we came across a waiting room.
The first thing we found was an oxygen mask; obviously in need of a good cleaning before it was put to anyone’s mouth.
“Take this apart, clean and disinfect it,” I handed it to Mikey with a napkin I took from the medical bag and the rest of the alcohol I had used to take care of Chantel’s leg, continuing on to another room. “We need to find an operating room; that’s where we’ll find a lot of what we’re looking for.” I said as I threw the metal doors aside, marching furiously through the dark, narrow corridor.

I threw a door open and stepped inside; the room I saw before me was absolutely horrific. It was definitely an operating room; skeletons of a couple former surgeons sat in the corners, still in uniform and all, bones old and brittle looking with a hole the size of my thumbnail in each of their heads. The remains of a patient lay on the operating bed, some of the pieces broken up too small to hold.
Were they under before they were put to their death? Was it quick; or did the clones see this as a prime opportunity to conduct some sort of warped experiment? Did the patient experience any sort of anesthetic awareness? What did they dream of when the anesthetic set in to their bloodstream? What were they in surgery for?
Something shot through me; jolting me back to the real world.
The room was probably pure white at some point in time, but now it was slab grey; result of lacking maintenance. The equipment was still plugged in, who knows how long it was running before the electricity was cut off. Hours, days even?

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