My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 3

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My Life With The Killjoys, Chapter 3

Korse was asleep. His dream was about his family that he hadn't seen for 13 years. He didn't remember if they had died or went missing. All he remembered was his 2 daughters and wife. Then he suddenly woke up and walked over to the phone and called his head draculoid. They meet in a secret room.
"I have a very important task for you." Korse took a torn photo out of his pocket and handed it to him. "I need you to find these people for me."

"Who are they? Why is this even important to you? Do you want them destroyed?" he asked.

"No! I do not want them destroyed. Who they are isn't important now. Just find them!" Korse yelled so loudly that the drac got startled and almost fell.


The Killjoys and us were getting back to the shed when the sky started turning a dark bluish-purple. It was about o'clock in the morning. When we got inside, we saw Dr. Death Defying waiting for us. His real name was Steve, Righ? and he was in a band with Party Poison's wife, LynZ and their daughter was named Bandit.

"LynZ and Bandit escaped from the draculoids. They will be here in about a half-hour according to the GPS." Dr. D said.

LynZ would be driving a motorcycle with Bandit in the sidecar. They all knew that she would have her raygun handy in case of an emergency, but they were still worried because this about the time when the dracs would go out hunting for new prisoners.
They all waited impatiently for them to arrive. Party Poison paced back and forth. Rose Bomb and I hung upside down from the top of a bunk bed.Dr. D drummed his fingers on a tabletop. Fun Ghoul threw wads of paper at Kobra Kid and Jet-Star. Then LynZ walked holding Bandit tightly in her arms. As soon as they all saw them they all stopped what they were doing.

"I need to tell you something very important." she said.