band survey i took :3

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band survey i took :3

List your ten favorite bands, not looking at the questions, then answer them.
Band Survey

1. My Chemical Romance
2. The Used
3. Escape The Fate
4. The Blackout
5. Bullet For My Valentine
6. Paramore
7. Funeral For A Friend
8. 30 Seconds To Mars
9. Fall Out Boy
10. Evanescence

First song you heard by 6?: Misery Business

Favorite song by 8?: This Is War

What impact has 1 left on your life?: a lot. they've kept me going and gave me the best day of my life. (18/2/11) they are the reason why i WILL fight and never give up. <333

What’s your favorite lyric by 5?: 'Torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears, I'm not feeling this situation, Run away try to find a safe place you can hide, It's the best place to be when you're feeling like me' (All These Things I Hate)

What is your favorite song by 7?: Roses For The Dead

Are there any songs by 3 that make you sad?: There's No Sympathy For The Dead

What is your favorite song by 9?: I Don't Care

When did you first get into 2?: A friend on this site suggested them :3

How did you get into 3?: My friend mentioned liking them so i looked them up and love em :)

Whats your favorite song by 4?: hmm idk >< Never By Your Side, The Last Goodbye.. others.. :3 i can't choose :P

How many times have you seen 9 live?: none

Whats a good memory with 10?: dunno..

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?: Hurricane

Which of the above is your absolute favorite?: MCR of course! <333333333333

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