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Don't know where this came from, I'll do it. XD

favourite movie: Walk The Line
favourite food: Potatoes
favourite drink: Tea
age: 16
come from: United States... Maybe outer space. lol
name: Kat.
want to be: Human. XDD
influeneces: Too many to list.
favourite place: My room, it's so peaceful.
favourite band: Can't choose. My Chemical Romance
favourite book: At the moment its Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill.
favourite colour: Black or blue.
values: I value every day that goes by, if that counts.
believes: That anything is possible.

I'm pretty bored obviously... Time to be random!
There wasn't school today due to flooding and they've already canceled for tomorrow.
I really want to watch Let The Right One In, I may later. That kid that plays Oskar is so adorable! If anyone here has seen that movie then you know who i'm talking about. Eli just reminds me of Anne Frank. XD
I could go for some coffee right now, but i'm flooded in so I can't get any good coffee till the roads are clear.
That anagram contest for MCR was extremely difficult. I didn't know the first one so I just put WTTBP. Apparently no one knew that one from what I read.

I'm finished writing for now.