The boy and the boat

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The boy and the boat

These are some poems I wrote and if I should change anything to make it sound better please help me C:

•The Boy And The Boat
Onced lived a boy
Who loved his little boat
Everyday he sailed on the seas
And people called him The boy with he boat
But when the boat broke
So did the boy
The boat had a hole
And so did the boy
Soon the boat filled with water
And the boy started to sink
After that he was the boy and the boat.

•Prettie Black Tree
Late everyday
Came a man, with a big black horse
Surching for the one he loved
And carried them off
Into a little black tree
Everyday people would weep
For they would be next
To go live inside a tree
With the correction "why"
Inside the prettie black tree.

Your help would be really appreciated ^..^