Really? It's like repeat of 2006! The ignorance of the world will kill us all!

Not being offensive (here it probably won't be taken offensive anyway) but if you weren't aware back in 2006, huge thanks to the daily mail, my Chem was being labelled as an emo-suicide cult and everyone in the MCRmy suicidal emos. Today at school my best friend gave me a paper she made with a picture of my Chem and some inspiring lyrics from some of my favorite MCR songs. We both got pulled out of line at school heading to lunch by guidance.

We were asked if we planned on killing ourselves.

Why? Because one of our teachers read the paper and was 'worried for our safety' despite my explaining it was lyrics and had nothing to do with her and she doesn't have the right to read something my friend gave me that doesn't endanger anyone or have anything to do with school.

Anyone eltse find major ignorance and get mad about that or are we completely overreacting?
*sorry but I wanted to get that out somewhere and see what you guys think. Thanks.*