reblog: i miss my brother

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reblog: i miss my brother

when i was younger my brother came to live with us.
i have two brothers....they are twins, identical but so different

lets call them....bob and bill

so bob came to live with us...
he was his moms favorite child and everyone knew it
bill stayed with his mom...thinking she would love him now that bob left.....she didnt

the night bob came to live with us..we went to my grandparents house

bill and bobs stepdad broke into our house intending to murder neighbor....SAVED OUR LIVES for the second time (the first being when their kids saved me from a ravonous dog)

he scared him away and called the cops....

my brothers mom told bill awfull things that wher untrue about us...

it broke my heart because i liked bill the best...bob was mean to me...bill wasnt...

so as they got older ...bill was never loved....he never had a father ...they say people with no father are more likely to be gay...i beileve that
bill turned gay

his mom told him we hated him
he dosnt like us
he hates us

i miss him so much

if i could spend a day with one person it would be bill=[
i wish i could talk to him...tell him idc what he is....=[