message to the stuck up people of the world

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message to the stuck up people of the world

dear people who hate america,

FUCK YOU!!!!! WE ARE NOT ALL STUPID. And if you still wanna pick on someone pick on china for being fucking comunists.

Love america

i just watched a show from the UK where they come to america and ask people here questions
common knolage questions

and i think most of it was fake because they asked how many sides a triangle has.....

plus most of the people they asked where trash

annyway i'm pissed and i wish i could tell those people a few sterotypes about them and also that we americans dont give a fuck.....

but yeah i admit that my country is fucked up and we will probly be the united states of the chinese empire one da but fuckit i will go to helthcare eh!!!!

there are more problems here then just the deficite

here i will make a cool little thing to copy and paste =D

I Am American!
We over cencor things
We owe a shit-ton of money
We have the shittyest education system
We are almost all dumbfucks
We all hate our president, no matter who he is

okay now i'm sick of being negitive

i have a new life rule

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."
— Gerard Way

i'm trying to live life based on that and some other quotes by people....