good news/bad news

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good news/bad news

okay good news and bad news

matt bellamy had a baby
its name is
Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy
congratz on yaknow...being born bing....hope life treats you well and your damn lucky to have a cool dad!

and i think i quit guitar....well for the time being i have quit......depending on how i feel by next week i will tell you if i stick with being nothing

each of the news could be good or bad depending on if you are attracted to matt bellamy or if you want me to not play

either way whatever

i do feel bad for failing frank iero and matt bellamy and well the rest of MCR

matt bellamy is a huge insperation to me too

but eh, most of all i failed myself and my friend who i talked out of suicide by telling her that we are going to make good music one day and save peoples lives