=[ dose my dad hate me?

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=[ dose my dad hate me?

so today mom went to the hospital with my grandpa and i was home sick...
so when dad got home i told him he needed to go pick up my neice from his parents house

he said he didnt have a carseat...i told him they did

he said for me to go away

and i texted mom about it....and she told me to tell him they had a car seat and she wouldnt be home for awile

he accused me of telling him what to do and said he didnt care...

he always takes anger out on me verbaly

and he is always so hatefull toward me when mom is not home

he never hits me
but he puts me down all the time
one minit he will act like a dad then the next he will be so mean to me

he acts like he hates me

he tries to make me go to school when im sick
he tells me to go away when im trying to talk to mom sometimes

i hate living with him
i want to run away but i cant
i dont have annywhere to go....

i cant tell if this is normal for a dad or if he hates me...=[

i dont understand why he acts like this if he dosnt hate me

i just dont understand

sry to sound like a spoiled kid but i just dont get it..

he said he hopes i fail school when i asked to stay home because i was sick
i think mom lied when she told me he said he hopes i get better

i think mom lies alot about him saying nice things...=[

i just dont get it


when i can drive im packing my stuff and moveing away..........far away!

i hope after i graduate i never have to see him again...