Vampire Money part 19 (sorry its been so long)

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Vampire Money part 19 (sorry its been so long)

Rachel`s POV~
Frankie held me in his arms for awhile. Just me & him. It felt like the world could just melt away at the tiniest will of my imagination. He kissed the top of my head. "I love you Frankie," I said. It wasn`t like most times I said it. I meant it all the time but this time was different. It was like I had finally realized how much I needed him. "I love you too, Rach." he said. I could tell he knew how I felt, he felt the same. He tightened his arms around me. I felt like I was a part of him.. Like nothing could separate us. We were one.

Taylor`s POV~
Mikey & I tried to help Kara but it was useless. Nothing worked. Maybe she needed time alone.. To figure everything out & form a somewhat decent opinion on the situation. Time had been a blur the past couple of days. Ray wash`t home. I think he went out for time alone too. It was just me & Mikey. I looked across the room at him and smiled a sexy smile. He was kind of confused at first but then he understood. He walked over to me & sat down on the couch with me. Closer than usual...

Mikey`s POV~
I don`t know what`s wrong with me. Taylor is.. trying to lure me in ? I`m not sure, but it`s working..
"Mikey, I know this sounds bad.. but.." I cut her off. I leaned in & kissed her. We made out for hours. We just needed a relationship with no emotion. It was good for stress. I lead her out into a vacant hotel room. We started undressing each other & other stuff started to happen. I think I`m having an affair with my best friend`s girlfriend. I don`t care at this point its good for both of us....

Frank`s POV~
Rachel & I decided to go home. We layed together in our bed and just kissed. "Frankie?" she asked? "Hm?" I said, still trying to kiss her. "Did you ever think about having a Family ?" she asked. "All the time," I replied. "What do you think.. about starting one?" she asked. "I know what your getting to." I said. I let her roll on top of me so we could make out. "Rach?" I said, before we started anything, "Hmm?" she said, kissing me still. "Are you ready for a family?" I asked. She opened her eyes & stared directly into mine. "I`m ready." she said.

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