A Tale Of The Fabulous Killjoys part 2 (gonna be short, just warning u now,)

Desert Sage`s P.O.V.
"What`s wrong," I heard Kobra ask me, as he rubbed my back. "I miss m-m-mommy and d-d-ddd- daddy," I sobbed, and broke down once again. Footsteps came toward me, probably Party. "It`s okay," Kobra said. He picked me up and carried me toward one of the three bedrooms we had to share. He tried to set me down on the bed I shared with Sunset, but I clung to him. "No, Kobra Kid. Don`t leave," I said. "I`m not going anywhere. I`m just setting you down so we can talk." he said. I sniffled and nodded. Party came into the room, and sat down with Kobra and I. "There`s something we have to tell you, Desert. We never told you because you weren`t ready. You are now," I heard Party say. I was confused.

Sorry it`s short, but I gtg to bed now :( bye killjoys!