some project for school i'll let you read if you want xD

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some project for school i'll let you read if you want xD

the title is pretty self explanatory.
in english we have to take a fairytale and tell it from perspective of a different character.

so i did:
Cinderella: The Point Of View Of A Mouse Named Herbert That Nobody Knows Because Nobody Cares About Him
(i love using unbelievably long titles for school projects xD)

so here's the first two paragraphs or so that i'm working on if you care xD

You’ve all heard of Cinderella, right? How she had her little slaves –I mean “animal friends”- make her a pretty dress and they lived happily ever after, right? All of that was wrong. (Well, mostly.) SOME PEOPLE who played a HUGE ROLE in making this fairytale work out weren’t really credited. AT ALL. I’m about to tell you the real story, which isn’t much of a fairytale at all.
It all started out one nice morning as I was roaming the mansion in search of bread, (lactose intolerant mouse… how ironic) when that Cinderella girl walked around singing and cleaning. Then, she walked by and swept me up with a mop. Yes, you heard me; A disgusting, soapy, wet mop. I managed to crawl my way out and shook the dirty water from my fur. Cinder-block finally noticed and tried to apologize.
Okay lady, I hope you realize how small we mice are. Your singing is bad enough. Either use your inside voice, or just don’t talk. She gave me a creepy smile and picked me up.
Okay, just put me closer to your face. I’m going deaf. (But they don’t bother telling you about this, no, Cinderella doesn’t hurt animals..)

lol this was really fun to write xD
(dont worry i'm not mean like that i just like giving my characters a little personality xD)

~Adrenaline Angel