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Last day of school, great and terrible tomorrow.

My mother has been yelling at me today, i guess thats better than being ignored.

My friend who moved away is visiting. I use to tell her everything... but then she became very religious. I'm not against it or anything, but when i need help I don't want you to give me a bible verse that is meaningless. She has become the embodiment of a perfect person, and thus would go to any adult with my problems, which i don't need.

I feel really sick tonight. Which is awful.

I want to *insert taboo subject here* so badly, just to forget my pain at least for a moment. But I have a physical exam on the tenth, and i still have scars.
Someone saw them today. Which freaked me out. She screamed out to the entire class

"Oh My God what happened?" SCREAMED.

I scraped myself.
I forgot something... leaving NOW.

If my mom finds out... i don't even want to think of the self pity she will wallow in. Pity for herself, and how she 'failed as a mother' and i should tell her every fucking thing. If i try, you only shoot me down and disapprove. And you still think you are a great mother. Whatever. I'm done with your fucking issues. I have my own thank you very much.