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I'm actually pretty happy today, which is kinda a rare thing. It might just be that I'm high on cold meds, cuz I'm getting sick AGAIN. XD
I got a haircut, which I haven't gotten for almost a year and a half now... It always seems to make life a little cheerier, maybe it's just less weight on my head. The gay... philipenian? Philipeno? Whatever. My gay hair dresser from the Philippines, who is fabulous btw, did a great job. I actually let him curl it, and I never curl my hair. It's naturally bone straight, plus i have horrible memories of standing in front of a mirror for hours while my mom attempted to curl it, using anything from sleeping in curlers to curling irons. So i kinda don't know what it looks like straight... oh well!

My dad's on a business trip for the next week, which won't make a difference because he is never around anyway.

I'm going out with friends next friday, which is really rare. It's been over two months.

I'm going to have a physical examination June 10th... which is very very bad. I heal very slowly so... yeah. I'm going to have to be abstinent until then. So i'll try not to get too upset or stressed; unlikely.

Went to an art fair! Haven't been out of this hell hole in like a month, so thats great. Not much portrait paintings, mostly landscape. There were metalworks which was very cool. Lots of jewelry, some sculptures, lots of old people! ;) The photography was very good, and i'm kinda into photography.

Rant on my day complete! Now, must force myself to finish my homework!