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theres been something really bothering me lately.
MCR is coming to my very small, very far away country on friday, and, in some respects, i cant wait.

but since its an age restricted festival, i cant go.

i went online to see if there were any side shows. nada, zilch, none.

i was like okay, it doesnt matter, next time they come to bdo, ill probably be able to go.

and then i noticed what looked like in google search, stuff like petitions and 'bring mcr to nz' facebook pages, and, to be honest, i was angry.

why should we have to do all this just to get our favourite band to come to us?

does japan, or the uk, or any other country have to try this hard?

and im not singling out MCR at ALL, because the thing is, its pretty much the same for every musical/famous/important person.

its quite a big deal to have people like Katy Perry, or Usher, or MCR, or ANYONE to be in NZ. Thats why when they come, it's featured on the national news, etc.

i was just wondering, is it the same for other countries? or is poor little old nz getting left out?