My thoughts..

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My thoughts..

He walks through the door
He can’t take much more
He looks to the floor
And he cries
It’s been thirteen years since he’s been with a woman
Thirteen years on that night

And you would believe him if only you could see him
He’s hardly a looker and so that was the night that he ordered
That hooker

She walks in his door
Not done this before
She tries to ignore
How she tries
But money’s got desperate since her boyfriend left her
And the birth of her premature child

But she tries to be a good Mum no one would give her a re-run
From the Class A’s she’s not a looker and so that was the night she became
A hooker

One short night of pleasure
And drink that measured
Too much
One hour filled with regret
A large dose to help her forget that much

She sold her body
She bought her cocaine
He bought a body
He sold his dignity
She sold her dignity

Together again
By pain
Wanting and gain

No tears were cried
Neither put down the phone
The echo
Of a dial tone