Victory dance

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Victory dance

I'm dancing a victory dance in my apartment right now, I have the most awsome day ever!! :D
I got a new awsome jacket from my mum and some other clothes so i will not die in the ice cold swedish autum, yeah you may laugh but we are freezing our asses off in school... Old school + no money + cold weather= dead students... and I like life to much to die right now ;)

And I just got to know that i'm going to Bratislava to fence in my very first world cup(out of sweden) as a junior fencer!! :D I'm really happy because I have had so much problem with my knees so I haven't been able to fence as I know can.. My knees are still fucked up but now they can go and fuck themselves ;)

Another plus is the new amazing video to NANANA[NANANANANANANA] is out and I hear the song on the radio all the time!!

Well now i'm going to watch swedish celeberites make a shame out of them selves dancing like fools :D