Vine Spider and the Killjoys Ch.2 Na Na Na p.4

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Vine Spider and the Killjoys Ch.2 Na Na Na p.4

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But I couldn't fall asleep. Because right then I heard rustling coming from behind me.  I grabbed my gun and turned over soundlessly in my sleeping bag and was shocked to see Party Poison walking away from camp. He sat down on a boulder a little ways away. I got up and went over to sit next to him.

"Are you ok?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just, you know I miss GJ." he said. "Watching you today, it reminded me of how we used to do things together." he laughed. "Not that you remind me of a ten year old." I laughed. "I would hope not. Could a ten year old take Show Pony's ass to the ground like I did?" he'd tried flirting with me again. I did a little Nin Jitsu, threw him across the room. "Well, I guess they could just push him down, not that hard with those skates." I joked. "And make it look that cool? I don't think so." We both cracked up. Then after a pause, I asked, "What happened? With GJ?" I couldn't help it, I had to know.

He sighed. "It started like any other day. I had my mascot head on that made me look like a stuffed animal, Ghoul had his monster mask that makes him look like an actual ghoul, and Kobra and Jet had their helmets that made them look like bobble heads." He chuckled softly. I tried to keep a straight face as I imagined a Teddy bear, frankenstien, and two football bobble heads with laser guns. "We started off, got into the car..." 

As he described the day, I could literally see it all happening, as if I were watching a movie. Flipping through the tabloids, stealing stuff with the vend-a-hack, shooting drac bastards to smithereens, blowing shit up. Then, they arrived at a clearing, standing in front of Korse and his boys, getting ready to fight. I got an image in my head of Party Poison standing there, brave and strong, the utter essence of defiance, the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned. Then GJ presses the button on the boom box, and they all raised their guns------

"And the next thing I know, I'm waking up. Korse is standing over me with his gun pointed at my head, and one of those drac bastards have GJ. I don't know what happened, but our guns wouldn't work."

"Jammers." I said. "I took a tour of BL/ind, Korse is my uncle and stuff, so he brought us in. They claim to use it to jam guns of gangs and rioters so they can take them into custody peacefully. But anyone can see what they really use it for. They use it when they know they don't stand a chance. But they take q lot of energy, and Korse is too proud to use them. The good news is it probably really pissed him off. He failed to catch you so many times, even BL/ind could see it was necessary." Party Poison smiled. "They're really hard to make, though." I added. "Takes more power than ten nukes. And they take forever to make. They must've known Korse wasn't good enough for a while." 

"Why are they so hard to make?" "Well, they have to make a miniature explosion in a concentrated area. They have to make the blast invisible and undetectable, so you can't feel it or notice it in any way. They have to keep the blast to just the one area so it doesn't mess with their guns, which takes a lot of planning. And it involves a ton of nuclear waste, which is really hard to find, especially since they can't go far into the desert without being blown to shit by us." He laughed. We sat there for a while in silence. "I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours." he whispered.  I sighed. "I would, if I knew what it was."