The Teenagers Ending

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The Teenagers Ending

Ok, I may be wrong, but my friend and I both think it's in code. Read the red words in one whole string. Now read the rest without the red words. I'm telling ya, it's in code!!!!!!!

Do you really think Gerard would tell us just to take that bullies shit and continue being picked on? No! He's telling us in code to fight back and don't let those drac bastards take us alive!!!!!!!!! I thought it was obvious, but everyone is saying "violence is never the answer, Gerard said so" but im telling you, there's a reason they're different colors! The same reason BL/ind is blind with a slash in the middle! Because they're blinding people from the truth!

Violence can sometimes be the answer, people. When someone hits you, you have to defend yourself!!! You can't back down or they'll keep hurting you!!!!!

I may be wrong, but there must be a reason why there are different colors, and why other music videos show the exact opposite of that message. I'm not okay, they kick the jocks' asses. Na Na Na and Sing, they're shooting the shit out of those bastards. Does that make sense to you?!?

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