Spray Paint Madness!!!!!!!!!!! pt 1

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Spray Paint Madness!!!!!!!!!!! pt 1

So, my friend Star Lace is moving soon because they're renovating their house, and like tearing down everything, so we're allowed to deface everything to our hear's content. Today, Lace and I broke out the spray paints and tagged the entire outside of their house with random crap. We did our Killjoy symbols and then decided to do the Fab Four's symbols.


Then we decided to fuck them up.

so, in short,
Jet Star is a cowboy,
Kobra Kid is an angry hillbilly,
Fun Ghoul is a deranged raccoon,
And Party Poison is a landshark

My Killjoy Symbol is the spider right of me, the person sitting on the floor, and Lace's will be uploaded in part 2
.... she's taking the pictures