I JUST SPENT THE DAY AT THE DINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It. Was. Amazing. It's a movie set you can rent out called 4 Aces. Its completely secluded and the only people there was a lady in an RV near the property. We couldn't go inside, but it was so amazing!!!!!! There were all these battered old antique muscle cars, fake motel rooms, fake gas pumps, Joshua trees EVERYWHERE, and, for whatever reason, a John Wane poster. It was sooooooooooooooo cool! I stood where they stood! The killjoys were there at one time! I. Was. At. The. Di(n)e(r)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was definetly worth the hour drive! It was so awesome! We took pictures of everything. We did all these killjoy shots of us running down the road and leaning on the big Joshua tree outside the front. Terry took a pic on the hood of an old car. It was so fun! I can't wait to go back for her birthday party! Then we got sent off the property for liability reasons, so we went for a hike in Zone 6. Then we ate at a restaurant in town. Best road trip ever. We're going to rent the place out for a day soon! Then we can go inside!