i got tagged on deviantart rp and wanted to put it here

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i got tagged on deviantart rp and wanted to put it here

5 facts:
1: I'm a vegetarian
2: I'm a vampire
3: I love all animals, and I one time spent a whole day with a fly that had landed on my arm.
4: My brother is gonna marry Lace's sister and we're gonna be in-laws!
5: I will violently kill anyone who makes fun of gays or "emos."

Poison's questions

1. Choose: rain or pour?
Pour. I don't even know why.
2. If you could dance with anyone—I don't care if you can dance or not—who would it be? And no, there are no free kisses with the dance.
I hate dancing, buuuut Jayy Von Monroe, because his voice in "The Last Dance," oh my God... plus only chance I'd ever get, he's gay :(
3. Would you like to own a mental institution?
Kinda... good places for ghosts.
4. How long have you ever gone without brushing your teeth?
3 months and counting, not a lotta places to find toothpaste around here...
5. Have you ever had dragonfruit?
6. Do you wear pajamas?
Does a t shirt and jacket count?
7. Have you ever had a cactus high-five you? In the face?
Yes, actually. Urgency was being an asshole and decided to push me into one. I then proceeded to choke the living crap out of him.
8. How many insects have you murdered in the past week?
ZERO!!!!!!!! (Why does everyone stop at 8?)

My questions (if you do it, I promise there's something in it for you)

1: Out of all the one direction members, which do you despise the most?
2: Tigers or lions?
3: Jayy or Dahvie?
4: MCR song that best describes you?
5: MSI song that best describes you?
6: Who would you go gay for?
7: Bitches love you cuz they know that you can: (MSI song)
Or Fuck?
8: A pop song you can bear listening to?
9: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqakBC4p04A which one of these would work the best?
10: Someone on the other team you're most scared of?