The Fanfiction With No Name (ideas are welcomed)

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The Fanfiction With No Name (ideas are welcomed)

Okay so this is the second chapter, first chapter is on my blog if you like this enough to check it out. If you want me to tell you when the next part is up just say so in the comments and voila I shall message you every time a new part is up. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR A NAME FOR THIS FANFICTION PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT THEM OR MESSAGE ME THANK YOU :) And here it is:

I never planned to stay as long as that. I had no intention of watching everything. If I had left sooner, I wouldn't have seen the doctor die and there is a good chance I would not hate Korse as much as I do now. 2 years ago, I witnessed the death of a young, beautiful woman who could've lived for a long time but because of my defiant ways that time was cut short. I do blame myself, and my friends know it. They know too much about me, despite my quiet and steady ways, they can read me like an open book. Even now, Frankie is looking up at me every so often. I know she's making sure that I'm still awake, still fighting the urge to let my guard down. There are four of us now, Frankie who's Killjoy name is Bright Shadow AKA Shadow, Natashya who goes by Kitty Black Wings AKA Kitty and Lucinda who doesn't actually have a second identity. Then there is me of course. My Killjoy name is Vampire Voltage, most people call me V for short. My real name is Jerri Candace, I'm an orphan although I knew my parents for a few years. They were killed in an accident that only I survived, so again, I blame myself. I blame myself for so much nowadays that even my friends blame me for things that I haven't had anything to do with for the pure fact that they know I can take it.
Frankie says something that the other two giggle at but I'm too preoccupied with my thoughts to try and laugh at one of her ridiculous jokes.
"Hey are you even listening? V?" Someone nudges me in the ribs, making me flinch and jump out of my dazed state.
"What is it?" I mutter, making my question barely audible. Lucinda tries to nudge me again but this time I dodge and she ends up face first in the sandy dirt ground. Everyone laughs, but I simply look back to my note-pad and continue to draw aimless shadows of people wandering around the page. When everyone has composed themselves Lucinda says something interesting about a certain group of Killjoys that have caught my attention over a few weeks. Of course I haven't been listening properly so I will have to ask her to repeat herself. I work up the energy to ask, I am so tired.
"What did you say just then Lu?" I breathe, just managing to push the question from my lungs.
"Hm? Oh... I was just saying that The Fabulous Killjoys wouldn't tolerate that kind of behaviour..." She looks at me suspiciously and I raise an eyebrow, questioning her sudden awareness of me. "Are you gonna hit me?" She eventually asks. I roll my eyes and shake my head.
"Maybe we should head back home now," Frankie offers this idea into the conversation. We are all extremely worn out from this camping around the desert thing. It was not my idea, in fact I had wanted to stay and fight but the others had said, we should run. So we did. And now here we are. And they blame it on me, they blame everything on me as I just previously stated.
I've only just realised that everyone has gone quiet and they're all looking at me. What have I done now? This reminds me of the moment that caused us to be out here. When everything went deathly silent and we were all so scared though we would not care to admit it...

We could hear their footsteps, we could hear them storming up the stairs. We knew what was going to happen and we had two choices. Everyone had fallen silent, glacning slowly around at each other. I kept myself out of that circle and readied my ray gun, I would stay and fight and I assumed the others would too. Lucy-or Frankie as she prefered-ran in after me. I sent her a questioning gaze as she began to throw some clothes and weapons into a backpack. She told me we were leaving and that we weren't going to stay and fight, I laughed quietly in complete disbelief.
"I don't know what you're laughing at, I was being serious," she muttered. I raised an eyebrow.
"What about Kitty's sisters?" I sighed, shaking my head.
"We'll drop them somewhere safe," she shrugged. I shot her the most angered look I could manage, attempting to contain my hatred for this idea of leaving the terrible twosome with no one to protect them. She glanced up at me and flinched away from stare, "Don't worry," she tried, "Kitty says she knows someone who owes her a favour that is perfectly capable of protecting them until we can come back."
"Quick! They're almost here!" Lucinda shouted through. I sighed inwardly. I never liked the idea of running away from a fight and the girls knew it so why were they doing this to me now...

I never figured out why we had to run. The girls never told me and they still refuse to. Its okay though, everyone has their secrets and if it is a secret then its probably being kept for my own good. So I appreciate that. There are a lot of secrets in my life, even some that I don't know about.
Frankie looks me straight in the eyes, "Do you think they'll be gone by now?"
I shrug and begin drawing little swirls in a deep patch of sand. "Do YOU think they'll be gone by now, Shadow?" I whisper. We only use our second identities when talking to each other, we never use real names any more. Its too dangerous. Someone could over-hear, find out who we are, tell Better Living and then there is a good chance we would be caught, captured, killed.
I drag my shoulder bag towards me and make sure its properly fastened before pushing myself to stand and scuffing my feet all the way to the stolen car we'd used two weeks ago to get away. I fish the keys out of my little pocket attached to my black belt (someone had idiotically left the keys in their car two weeks ago) and hopped into the drivers seat. I can feel the other's eyes on me. They know I can be unpredictable, I am unpredictable since I barely talk no one ever knows what I'm going to do. Unless you know me very very well like....Like he did...

All right that is it thank you for reading blah blah blah don't forget what I said earlier thanks bubye.