FANFICTION CHAPTER 1 (doesn't have a name)

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FANFICTION CHAPTER 1 (doesn't have a name)

Okay this is the first chapter of the fanfic I was talking about just now. Enjoy if you can be arsed to read it.

"My name is Dr. Jeanette, please sit down."
I wrote on my notepad that I would rather stand and showed it to the lady. She glanced up at me but nodded, she didn't seem to mind the fact that I didn't talk. Well it wasn't that I never said a word, I just preferred to write or draw, I didn't have time to waste my breath talking. Especially not to a therapist that I didn't even need. "Do you know why you're here Jerri?" the lady asked me slowly, trying to catch my eye. I turned my back to her and continued to draw, though my arm began to hurt because I had nothing to rest on. Cursing at myself inwardly for not taking the opportunity to sit in the first place, I chose a seat and carefully sat down gaining a judging look from the doctor. She repeated her question, fixing me with an intent stare.
"Yes I know why I'm here," I murmured. She raised one eyebrow but didn't look away.
"It seems you don't want to be here though."
"No, I don't need to be here. That is where you're wrong. I have dealt with the severe emotional pain of losing Zero for over 4 months without help from anyone. I do not need you," I replied, my voice perfectly steady and calm.
"Well Korse seems to think differently," she smiled.
"To be completely honest with you doctor, I couldn't give less of a fuck about what Korse thinks. Are we done here?" I sighed wearily. Her eyebrows were in her hair and her jaw seemed to have dropped to the floor. I guessed that she had never had a patient like me before. Well then this was my perfect opportunity to leave, I grabbed my notepad, stood up and left as quietly as I had come.

....That was two years ago. That very first therapy session. I remember it as if it were only yesterday. As soon as I had left that room, I begun to draw the doctor. She was a good-looking lady, about 24 so 7 years older than me at that time. Her eyes were green and determined, her hair was long and chocolate brown though she wore it in a tail that day. It was not her fault that I didn't want to speak to anyone about losing Zero. I was being a difficult bitch, I should have just tried to talk to her. But I didn't, and I can't change what has already been done. No matter how much I wish I could. I heard them that night, I heard Korse storm into the doctor's office. I heard her pleading with him not to hurt her, that it wasn't her fault I wouldn't say anything. That was very true, it was my decision to make. If I wanted to talk to her I would have, but I didn't, so I decided not to. And I had put her in a life-threatening situation although I did not realise that until after...

The doctor squealed, and my eyes went wide as I watched what was happening. Korse had slashed her open, right across her stomach. She wasn't dead yet, the incision wasn't deep. She would die eventually though. I peered through the gap in the broken blinds, desperately trying to see more of the situation. I wanted to do something about this, I wanted to step in but I knew that was completely illogical. Korse could kill me easily. I had no weapons. What was I thinking? Though the more Korse hurt the doctor, the more I felt like I had to do something about this. I pressed my hand up against the glass of the doctor's office window. I had been innocently walking back from the bathroom when I had spotted Korse striding down the hallway towards me. He seemed angry, and I knew that when Korse was angry he would take random fits of violence and I did not want to be on the receiving end of one of those. I had hid in a gap between a cabinet in the hall and the wall, hoping he wouldn't see me, but of course he never walked past. Instead he had stormed into the doctor's office without even knocking.
The doctor's eyes went even wider, just as mine were. She glanced down at her stomach, watched the blood slowly begin to seep out. Korse grabbed her by the throat, shook her and asked her something. I've never been good at lip-reading so I had no idea what he said. Whatever the question was, the doctor refused to answer it. From under his jacket, Korse produced a gun. I almost shouted out to the doctor, but I clamped my other hand over my mouth, tears welled in my eyes, what was I watching? I shouldn't be seeing this. I'm only 17 years old. The gun moved to just under the doctor's chin. I didn't dare blink in fear I missed some important detail. When I finally realised that I was watching the doctor's last minutes of life, I desperately wanted to turn away but I could not move. My eyes would not close. Only when I saw Korse's finger twitch could I squeeze my eyes shut and listen to the gun shot ring out. It seemed like the only sound in the world...

Okay that's it please tell me what you thought if you could be bothered to read it all. Cheers.