One last thing to complete my room!

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One last thing to complete my room!

My room is probably my favorite place to go to because it's full of everything that I love. I have some drawings that I did, some photos I took, playbills from my dance recitals, awards, and pictures of me and my closest friends, and all of these cover up my walls. and it just shows the type of person I am. I also have my music player, which I listen to all day, and my lap top. However, there's one thing missing, it's not decorated with any MCR stuff! Now that's a major problem. The good news is coming up my dear killjoys!

Since my grandpa passed away, my dad had to help clean out his house before it goes on sale. My grandpa loved to paint, so he had an easel. So, my dad brought home a whole bunch of stuff including the easel, yesterday. I decided I was going to use the easel and paint something very spectacular! My idea was to paint the MCR logo at the top of the page. Under the logo, I was going to write the little MCR story I made with their songs.I'm going to illustrate little pictures that matches the lines to the story. If you're wondering what MCR story I made using their songs, here's the link.And you'll know what I'm talking about.

After that, I'm going to hang it up on one of the walls in my room. I still have tons of more decorating my walls with MCR to do!

Anyways, those are some pictures I took of the things that are on my walls in my room