16th Birthday

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16th Birthday

I brought a few of my friends with me to play laser tag. Dad bought my bf Destin, my friends Hunter, Kayla, Brooke, my sister Elizabeth, my brother Alex, and me armbands that let us play laser tag, mini-golf, go carts, and bumper cars. It was extremely fun! We were there for SEVEN HOURS! Dad bought us pizza and cokes, and my mom came. I was so happy.

My ex-step-mom bought me a Batman wallet and a Batman lanyard. Hunter gave me some perfume, lotion, and germ-x from Bath and Body Works. Destin got me a stuffed animal version of the Pokemon called Tepig!! (AHHH!!!). Kayla cat me some candy. Grandma Marilyn and Grandma Glenda are giving me 100 dollars each to go shopping with (:

It was an awesome sweet sixteen.

Venom Heart