still bored.

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still bored.

Love/Trust? Trust
Brains/Beauty? Brains
Relationship/Sex? Relationship
Family/Friends? Friends
iPod/Cell Phone? iPod (wish i had one, love playing with my friend's)
Computer/TV? Computer
Food/Drink? Drink
Coke/Pepsi? Both (with cherry)
Chocolate/Vanilla? Chocolate
Double-Sided Tape/One-Sided Tape? Double Sided Tape

[ ] Am Pretty
[ ] Am Smart
[ ] Am Nice
[x] Am a Bad Influence
[ ] Am a Good Influence
[ ] Am Popular
[ ] Am Spoiled
[ ] Have a Good Fashion Sense
[x] Am Not Good Enough..
[ ] Have Better Things to do Than This Quiz
[ ] Am Considered ‘Good looking’ by the Opposite Sex
[ ] Curse too Much
[x] Have too Much Time on my Hands
[x] Am Overweight..
[ ] Am too Skinny..

Q: Someone you know drops $10, but keeps walking. What would you do??
A: spit on it. (damn greed)

Q: What’s your dream job??
A: Medical Examiner

Q:What’s your favorite drink??
A: Cherry Dr. Pepper

Q: What’s your favorite movie&why??
A: changes a lot

Q: Who’s your BEST friend?? (can only pick one!!)
A: Hannah

Q: If you could change your name, what would you change it to??
A: Venom

Q: Who, of all the people you know, do you wish that you were better friends with??
A: The guy i like

Q: What’s the one thing that you wish you could change about yourself??
A: My ears

Q: What’s your favorite commercial??
A: idk

Q: What color do you wish your eyes were??
A: Black/Red

Q: What’s your favorite book??

Q: If you had a son, what would you name him??
A: Gerard

Q: If you had a daughter, what would you name her??
A: Helena Ve

Q: Who’s your favorite relative, and why??
A: my cousin Becky.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday&why??
A: Ieroween! Cuz then i can have a chance to make little kids cry with fear.

Q: Can you name 5 different Pokemons??
A: Pikachu, Richu, Squirttle, Chamrander, Piplup (i know i didn't spell things right i know)

Q: Do you know anyone that CAN name 5 different Pokemons??
A: yeah, my bff

Q: What’s one thing that you do that your parents wouldnt approve of??
A: write and draw on myself

-Name 3 of your closest friends.
1. Hannah
2. Nicole
3. Jaimie

Favorite Colors?
1. aquamarine
2. black/red
3. purple

Favorite Food?
1. all food
2. Blood
3. Chocolate

Favorite Drink?
1. Chi Tea
2. Blood
3. Coffee

Favorite Song?
1. 'S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/' My Chemical Romance
2. 'MAMA' My Chemical Romance
3. 'Animals' Nickelback

Favorite Saying?
1. "I Love Anime!"
2. "Die Trent Die!"
3. "Go Swallow some Bleach, Crawl in a hole and Die."

Favorite School Subject?
1. Reading/Writing
2. Art
3. Tech Ed.

Favorite Candy?
1. Chocolate
2. Chocolate
3. Chocolate

Favorite Type of Soda?
1. Doesn't drink
2. Doesn't really drink
3. Mt. Dew

Favorite Season?
1. Summer
2. Winter
3. Summer

Favorite TV Show?
1. CSI: NY
2. Not fan of TV
3. idk

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