So Long And Good Night

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So Long And Good Night

As I sit here sobbing along with my shattered heart I just want to wish the amazing men of My Chemical Romance good luck as they continue the winding, joyous and often painful road of life.

I pray that Gerard, u will stop smoking so you can be the best father ever to Bandit. You are my biggest idol, the one who showed me its okay to be different and feel damn proud of it. You taught me that no matter how rough life gets and how much I want to give u to be "not afraid to keep on living and not afraid to walk this world alone". The hardships you've been through ate nothin short of purely inspirational. Thank you.

I pray that Mikey, never stop being that amazon bassist with the awkward knees. You inspired me to begin to play electric bass so that one day I play in ur legacy. Your perseverance to learn bass and join MCR in the first place has been with me everytime I play. Hopefully by having you on my mind when I play I can hopefully get over my immense stage fright. Thank you.

I pray that Ray, never stop being that solid foundation you are to people when they go through tough times. I've learned a lot from you. Like playing music for the love of music and working the hardest you can to achieve perfection in your work. I always wanted to be famous, I was a kid what do you expect, until I heard you say you play for the joy of music and not for the fame. I opened my ears more and eyes less that day and saw what you were talking about. Thank you sooo much.

I pray that Frankie, never loose your crazy and outgoing attitude. You taught this girl that fun is okay and encouraged. You helped get my head unglued from my studies and helped me learn to live life to the fullest I can and beyond. You have such talent that when I first heard you play I was hypnotized, that actually goes for everyone. Your laugh, oh wow that is the one thing that can make me smile in my darkest hours. Never loose that either. Thank you.

So i hank all of My Chemical Romance for opening up my mind to everything the world has to offer. I feel like the luckiest person alive to have seen you guys once on stage doin what you do best. Your music has helped me through such dark times in my life that I so damn proud to say "MCR SAVED MY LIFE". You men are my idols and I will NEVER EVER forget you.

Signing off, your faithful killjoy,
Venom Viper