School: Rather Not Go...

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School: Rather Not Go...

To start out bluntly: School's a B**ch.(coming form a freshman's point of view)

I have like only 3 awesome teachers but the best by far is my Art teach, Mr. M____. My English one is like a total hippie/nutcase and my health teacher is as energetic as Twitchy from HOODWINKED o.0

Study hall was fun with a few friends but al we did was gab.
Art was amazing as ever cuz my great teach.
Health Ed....was...interesting...? I met a new friend! +!
Lunch was fun cuz i met a new MCR fan.
Orchestra was nice cuz i got to see Sophomores i hadn't seen in a while.
AP Prep Biology 1 was cool but i'm not a fan of like ANYONE in that class.
AP Prep English 9 well i already told u the teacher was off her rocker!!! what more do i say!?

Otherwise i really enjoyed last night with my fantastic friend Brit! i had bought this blackberry facial mask from Bath&BodyWorks and as u can see from the pics we had fun XD it was painful to pull off but our faces stank of blackberry for the rest of the night! so did the basement....well if u factor in nail polish and remover i guess u could make the connection...

The first pic is obviously Twitchy the squirrel.
The second pic is of me (black bandana) and Brit (pink bandana).
The third is Brit's EPIC FAIL at pulling off the mask, happily claiming that she has a beard and mustache combo. She's an interesting one!!! ;D

Not wanting to go back to hell yet...
Venom V.