Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back (Prt 24)

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Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back (Prt 24)

Short i know but i'm at a bit of a road block so forgive me if it's not my best too.

Part 24:
"GAAH!!!" Ray jumps back and ends up smashing right into the wall behind him.
"What the-!?" Frank stumbles forward and tries to touch it.
"Frank, you dumbass!!!" i swat his hand away, and he backs up looking guilty.
"Is that the phoenix?" Joan murmurs, apparently mesmerized by the fire bird.
"Ya, i think it is..." i cock my head but then focus my attention on the burning body of Venom that lay below the two birds circling around each other. I run up to her with a fire extinguisher, "Venom no! WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON HERE!?!?!"
"Stop! Remember?" Hannah panics dragging me backwards. "Ceasing the burning will cease to beat my ghostly heart! What if that mean that this is SUPPOSED to happen!?!"
"Look Gee, darlin', the body ain't burning!" Neon approaches me and lays a comforting hand on my shoulder.
"I'm still taking no chances." i pull up a chair and sit about a foot away from the flame.

(Fun Ghoul's Point Of View)

"I've never seen him like this...Not even when he lost Lyn-Z was he this bad." i murmur to Ray as we leave the basement to get some light.
"I agree. I mean he's been broken before but this is…Painful! It kills me to see him this desperate." he sighs with a backwards glance at the basement.
"Do you think it'll work. You know all the 'black magic'?"
"Are you nuts!?" He pulls me aside and hisses in my ear, "I'm POSITIVE that it's, well WAS, just her crazy mind thinking that it's gonna work."
"Then how do you explain the raven and the phoenix, oh! and the non-burning body?" i look him dead in the eye to see all his stress just fight to get past the gate's he's set up.
“I don’t know.” He bites his lower lip when he thinks.
"This is a dream isn't it?" Hannah stares at us with black eyes. Not white, no colour and it's legit terrifying!
"H-hh-Hannah?" Ray's words stumble clumsily out of his mouth and he stares on in horror.
"I'm not Hannah." She replies blackly, giving us that dead stare Kat would always give us.
"Of course you are, I mean it IS you!" Ray continues to ramble.
"No. It IS not." a black streak flashes across her eyes and for a split moment, Kat's eyes appear in hers.
"Venom?" I reach out a hand, and the familiar feeling of Kat's icy touch returns as Hannah grasps my hand.
"Told you. I just took control of Hannah to talk to you guys, and YOU ALONE." She cracks her neck in that familiar Kat way.
"God this is SO a dream." Ray runs his hands through his hair.
"That's what i thought at first but then it all came back to me- and that's why my hair is the way it is. Oh hey Mikey!" her eyes return back to normal and so does her voice, as Mikey walks over and sits down next to us on the couch.
"Why can you guys talk about hair at a time like this?" he huffs.
"Try to appear like the world isn't crashing down on us as hard as it is." I sigh, winking at Hannah/Kat, whoever she is.
"True. I'm gonna go for a night-ride. See ya later, and yes, i'll be careful." He gets up and walks outside.
Hannah peers out the window until you hear the motorcycle tires tear off into the night. Then she turns back and the black engulfs her eyes once more.

To Be Continued...