I haven't been on here in seemingly forever...

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I haven't been on here in seemingly forever...

Looking back at my past posts really made me sad. They were pretty glum after the break up this past march. I've lost contact with a lot of the people I used to talk to everyday on here and, well if you're reading this, I guess the most I can say is I'm sorry.

I know I haven't been as addicted to MCR as I have been in the past because new music sways in and out and there are so many unexplored realms of the music world, that I feel as though I've hardly skimmed the surface. But as all things do MCR is slowly coming around to be my obsession once more. I wish things could go back to the way they were before that dreaded day. Even then, frankly, I really miss and wish we could go back to the Danger Day's era. I miss the back ground, this one's a too sad to look at for a long time. I miss all the crazy talented fan fictions that seemed to be the buzz every time I came on here, but now it all seems like a distant dream. I feel as if we've isolated ourselves a bit more, not really letting people in as much as we used to. Now I could be wrong, very wrong in fact, since I've yet to be on here since, what? September? If you find the time to read this out of your busy schedule (everybody seems to have that these days) then shoot me a comment. Give me a sign that MCR is still as alive as it was last year this time.

Your hanging on killjoy,
Venom Viper

-transmission out-