Guy crap....i need advice.

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Guy crap....i need advice.

ugh so today my friend texts me to call her so we can chat on the phone for a while. it starts out that "hey how u doin" kinda stuff but then she breaks me the news.

Before i continue, let me fill u in like a little prologue. There's been this guy who i liked who i've givin' a code name. (same for every crush i have) It's Lethal Jester or LJ for short. So i liked him from the middle of last year to the end of last year early this summer, apparently he liked me from the beginning of last year to a month or two before June.

During a party she goes to (like a before school bash) LJ approaches her and gives her a hug. her and her bf broke up earlier this summer and she was still a little upset. So she ends up crying a bit and in walks LJ and starts playing the piano for her. i mean like WHAT THE HELL!? mushy much!? did he ever be seen next to me in public!? no. th only thing he would do is look and yet he's hugging her and openly flirting. IS IT BECAUSE I'M DIFFERENT AND NOT A PREP!?! HUH!?!

well then they start talking after the party and they're texting while we're talking. First of all, REALLY!? ur silent most of the phone call cuz ur giggling and texting a guy that i still have SOME feelings for? and she damn well knows it!!! but i still have to be supportive cuz she is always longing for a boyfriend and she's happy cuz she gets to flirt again. BUT COME ON!!!! so while i'm gritting my teeth trying to stay happy, i feel my own tears building up and int he back of my mind i'm choking her nearly to death, laughing hysterically while i'm crying my eyes out .

I mean WHAT DO I DO!? was i too mean for thinking that? i mean i really need comfort...advice....ANYTHING!!!!!! I'm begging you!!! D''''''X

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