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God it's been WAY TOO LONG since this lonesome killjoy's been on this site...well I don't exactly know if the term "killjoy" still lives on here but I'll still say it with pride.

Ever since the break's sure been messed up...for me at least. I had some grand ups but the downs...well they're still my downfall.

I got myself a sweetheart, a real soul mate <3 and i survived my first year of high school, yay! Gained friends and lost 'em, both to them sadly parting paths or just they turning to bad people.

My depressions worsened, and so have other things but as my honey tells me; don't dwell on them "look at the positives!" He's an interesting one...keeps my life good and crazy (but the best kinda crazy ;))

I missed ya'll and I'd be super glad to talk to my old friends, or even make some new ones. Message me anytime whether it be a new friend, a vent, or if in need of a good listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

This is Venom Viper, Signing Out.